For the record!

My name is Graham Baines, aka The PYP Chef, and I’d like to share my new mission!

After 16 years as a classroom teacher, it’s time for me to blend some dance and drama with a generous serving of music… in Performing Arts!

So far at Vientiane International School, Laos, I’ve spent 4 years in grade 5 ‘PYPx mode’.

What can I say… it was an EXPEDITION 🙂

…and then a fun-filled year in grade 2 last year, introducing students to the ‘PYPx-perience’ of individual inquiries. 

As the positions were advertised more than a year ago, I remember the feeling when I saw that the PA position was open; my heart fluttered, I felt a surge of adrenalin, the hairs on my arms stood on end, and my imagination started to flood with the possibilities!

Can I? Should I? No… YES!!! 

It’s one of those times in my life when everything I’d ever done suddenly made sense. The teaching, yes, but before that, way before that!

The tours around the UK, France and beyond with my jazz-funk band back in the 90’s now felt more relevant than ever.

As I researched the job, my eyes widened and my heart opened to the possibilities.

Music? Drama? Dance? Yes. Yes. Yes. All at once? It just sounded amazing!

As if that wasn’t enough, the beauty and simplicity of having two strands; creating and responding!

I made my intentions clear. After two interviews and happy that I had communicated my vision, I waited patiently… and landed the role!

So there it is, just for the record.

More on the nuts and bolts in the next post but for now I’ll share a few pics of the journey so far … and of course I’ve been documenting it on Twitter 🙂 


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