Funding action, 1% at a time!

I believe that we should do something within the school community, to help people less fortunate than ourselves. You may be thinking…”Hang on a minute…we already do that!” So. Here’s my question, how is it funded? Many of us have raised money before, with a class or group of students, in order to fund some […]

Modelling being explorers on an expedition…

Originally posted on Inquire Within:
This post is cross posted from my personal blog. Graham Baines (aka @PYPChef) shares a great blog post that questions whether the PYP Exhibition should be viewed as an exhibition or an expedition. It raises a great question – one that makes us carefully consider the way in which we name processes.…

“We’re going on an expedition!”

How exciting does that sound? OMG! We’re doing what???!! Announce the title of this post to your students and behold the wonder in their eyes! What could an expedition sound like / feel like / look like? What could be possible on such a journey? Unpack the word ‘expedition’ and feel the buzz! To me, […]

“What’s my point?”

Keep it brief. Use your own voice. Don’t over think it. Don’t ‘over-edit’. That’s @whatedsaid last week when I asked her about blogging. Well, here it is Edna, as promised. My first post, over my Sunday morning coffee. Feeling inspired, happy for now to be the only reader of this blog. Thanks for the advice. […]